Office LED floor lights

  • 120W panel LED floor lamps
120W panel LED floor lamps

120W panel LED floor lamps

120W panel LED floor lamps

Patent NO.201530175234.5
Lamp Power:120W 
Voltage:100-240V AC 50/60Hz 
Ra:80     PF≥0.95 
LED floor lamp Size:850*620*2000mm
Touch Screen dimmer :1-10V dimming
Surface color:black,white,silver

LED floor lamp feature:

1、Fitted with 6pcs LED modules spotlight.Luminous flux 10200 lumen,light colour 2700/3200/4300/6000 kelvin.
2、LED Module can swing 330o.
3、MPS direct light cover panel with external microprisms in UV-stabilised PMMA.
4、UGR<19,the protection of the eyes is very good.
5、Prefitted movement and light sensor in luminaire head.
6、Can be close to listen to music,let the body and mind more cheerful.
7、Through hand remote monitoring office by phone,security is more at ease.


Model Power LED Drive LEDs Luminous Extra Function Packing Details
CP-F-006 120W MeanWell Epistar Chip 10200lm foot switch N.W:15kg  G.W:17.5kg
CTN size:204*36*10cm
CP-F-006.01 120W MeanWell Epistar Chip 10200lm foot switch+1-10v touch panel dimmable N.W:15kg  G.W:17.5kg
CTN size:204*36*10cm
CP-F-006.02 120W MeanWell Epistar Chip 10200lm foot switch+daylight sensor N.W:15kg  G.W:17.5kg
CTN size:204*36*10cm
CP-F-006.03 120W MeanWell Epistar Chip 10200lm foot switch+Motion/microwave sensor N.W:15kg  G.W:17.5kg
CTN size:204*36*10cm
CP-F-006.04 120W MeanWell Epistar Chip 10200lm foot switch+Rechangeable(4H) N.W:15kg  G.W:17.5kg
CTN size:204*36*10cm
CP-F-006.05 120W MeanWell Epistar Chip 10200lm foot switch+Monitor camera by phone  N.W:15kg  G.W:17.5kg
CTN size:204*36*10cm
CP-F-006.06 120W MeanWell Epistar Chip 10200lm foot switch+bluetooth music by phone N.W:15kg  G.W:17.5kg
CTN size:204*36*10cm



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